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Preview of Yours Truly
Note: This is just a preview, not the entire story. I felt this scene would be best as a preview of this story since it explains the premise the best. Yes, I will be posting the whole story soon, I just wanted some feedback on things like my characterization. And to see if anyone's even interested in this.
Out of all the things Mello had done before- vandalizing property, setting property on fire, harassing teachers- this was really bad. What really told him how bad this situation was is that he couldn't even try to lie to himself and say his actions were justified. Even he knew what he had done was inexcusable. The thing is that, in spite of what a jerk Mello could be, his bullying Near had never been violent before. He respected L's name too much to have a history of beating people up.
L wouldn't be the type to lash out senselessly so neither would he. But now he had disgraced his idol's name by reacting in such a violent way, but he was just so mad and it wasn't his fault and ARGH!
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Disclaimer: I don't own Death Note, if I did it would've had more obvious shipping in it.
For a young girl like Linda, boys are an entirely foreign concept to her. They're rude and pushy and gross so she'd decided long ago that she wanted nothing to do with them. But all of that changed when she first encountered L's top successor, Near. He wasn't like the other boys at all, he was…different. She thought it was a nice kind of different, since he contrasted all the other orphans, male and female, in both attitude and appearance.
He was one of the most intelligent boys she'd ever known, although he was most likely the most intelligent person in the world. And yet he didn't have an ego about it, which is one of the things Linda admired about him. She was infatuated the very second she laid eyes on him, determined to be the first to see what was hidden under that mysterious mask of his.
Unfortunately, it seemed like all of her efforts were for naught so far. She tried everything she
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Opposites Attract
Warning: If you don't like to read about yaoi, then hit that back button right now. I really don't care if it makes you comfortable.
A lot of people, along with Mello, assumed that because Mello hated Near that meant the albino felt the same. They were actually incredibly wrong about that assumption. The hatred remained one-sided on Near's behalf though as he was far too intrigued by his self-proclaimed rival to abhor him in the slightest. Yes even though Mello focused a lot of negative behavior on him in particular, by either knocking over his tower of cards, dominoes, etc. or by wrecking/stealing his toys Mello fascinated Near. The two were incredibly different in almost every single way that two individuals could possibly be.
They were literally as different as day and night if one dared to put them in the same room side by side to compare them.
Mello was loud and reckless and preferred to dress in black, dark colors to reflect his mood. As for Near he was quiet and practical and wa
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Dear Mello
Dear Mello…
I'm not entirely sure where to start with this letter, since expressing my feelings has never been easy for me.
So I suppose I'll just try the best that I can. I want to start this off by clarifying one thing. I never hated you. I know that at times it might've seemed like it due to our rivalry but that was never the impression I wanted to make. In all honesty I'd always just wanted to be your friend.
But we had so many differences that I felt it wasn't worth it to try. You probably wouldn't have accepted a friendship with someone like me. All because of our little race to see who would be the next L. be honest, I never cared at all about becoming L's next successor. I would've honestly given up that position if it meant I could make you happy. You'd always been more passionate about being L's successor anyways.
However, what really made it difficult to keep striving to be the next L is that the more I succeeded in it the more you hated me. Though sometimes I w
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Since I've decided this is where my darker themed anime genre stories will be posted, I'm going to repost all of my Princess Tutu stories that are published on my FriedMetaki account here. Just so you guys know it isn't some random hacker hijacking them lol. I'm mostly going to be working on one-shots for the Princess Tutu fandom but I have some multi-chaptered story ideas in mind as well. One of my new multi chapter stories that I have currently in progress is Perfect Balance. Quite obviously it follows the theme "balance"from Fakiru Week but I want to give it a bit of a different twist. While it does have more than one chapter, it's more of a collection of drabbles based on Duck's insecurities about her dancing.

Her conflict in the story is that she has no faith in her abilities. Each chapter, following a somewhat coherent storyline, is a more in-depth reinterpretation that delves more into the deeper emotions in dancing and also shows the emotional maturity Duck experiences with each main character she's danced with on the show. I think it would be a really interesting idea to write and I hope it doesn't get affected by the accursed writer's block disease. But the basic concept I have for the story is that it ends with Fakir and Duck's dance scene in episode 25, which results in her finally realizing Fakir is the one for her because he's the only dance partner who's helped her accept herself for who she is.

Yeah, I know that's incredibly sappy but I think it's cute and fitting for what I have in mind. Anyways, I hope you all enjoy my upcoming stories! And please, never hold back on leaving a review on my stories. I'm an aspiring writer who wants to become a professional author someday, so all forms of feedback are appreciated and respected here. Constructive criticism is especially welcome on my stories.

Also, sorry for the really long hiatus, I've been really sick lately and busy with school. But I have a bit more inspiration now so I'm going to take advantage of it the best that I can. 

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I'm more of a writer than an artist, but depending on what ideas I get, I may post pictures here sometimes. I am very passionate about making stories, as well as creating characters. It's one of the main hobbies I've been devoting a lot of my freetime to lately. However, if you do not like slash or really dark stories, my fanfics may not be your cup of tea, then. For those of you that do, then maybe you will enjoy reading them as much as I enjoy writing them. I'm always looking to improve my writing, so please feel free to review/critique my stories.
I hope you'll like the stories and the characters that I come up with!

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